How to Design a good landing page

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about a landing page for your business is conversion rates. Your website landing page is a very important factor that plays a vital role in influencing your ability to turn your site visitors into leads.Optimizing your landing page to achieve the highest possible conversion rate should be your primary business goal. I will share with you various methods that I use when building a high converting landing page for our clients.

Determine your Objectives

A successful landing page has a single goal. The purpose will define the best page layout and technique for you. Users will become confused if your landing page contains multiple offers, and they will lose sight of your purpose. Concentrate on designing landing pages that just have one offer so that users are on the same page as you.

A landing page can be designed to accomplish the following goals:

Get individuals to fill out a survey: Do you want feedback on your newest product from customers?
Encourage them to take advantage of a free trial: This is something you might want to do if you’re selling SaaS.
Collect Emails: Email Marketing is considered one of the best converting digital marketing strategies. it is the best way to reach out to customers personally.

Determine what your goal is first before you start creating your landing page.

Create an Engaging Headline

You only have a few seconds to grab a customers’ attention. Using a good and impactful hook in your headers is very important if you want to keep your visitors engaging and navigating your page.

Here are some valuable tips:

Be specific: A headline should never be unclear or vague.
Relevance is key: The headline must match the ad that is linked to it. The messages must be consistent. You don’t want your visitors to leave because they can’t find what they’re looking for on your page.

Put yourself in the position of the visitor and empathize with their problems. To persuade visitors that your items can answer their problems, your headline should highlight product benefits. A nice headline from a Shopify landing page is as follows:

This headline is imperative and it stands out against the black background. It provides a sense of urgency with the word Now to trigger visitors to click the button and download the guide. Your headlines should trigger emotions and feelings in your readers. You can always perform A/B test to see which headline gives you better results. 

Redact a concise description

The initial description should describe exactly what your main offer is. This should complement the headline.  Pro-tip, do not make these descriptions too lengthy, I usually like to keep them between 1-2 sentences long.

uber landing page

Uber driver landing page is a good example of the use of a compelling header and a complementing description that is easy to understand for their visitors. It is also followed by a call to action(CTA), once the user is convinced and feels curious about their offer, they will find an easy way to take action and are able to quickly get started by clicking the CTA right underneath the description. 

Use good quality imagery

Visual material is essential for a landing page to be both informative and appealing. According to studies, postings with photos have a 650 percent higher engagement rate than posts with only text.

People’s emotional responses are also elicited by images. You must, however, guarantee that all of the photographs on your landing page are in sync with the written material. The importance of a hero image is that it graphically depicts what you’re giving away. The hero picture is the first thing that your visitors will view when they arrive at your website.

Dark Modern Smartphone Product Landing Page Desktop Prototype

To avoid looking out of place, your hero picture should include images that are in line with your branding approach.

To make your primary selling points stand out, your landing page should also feature high-definition pictures with relevant iconography. A landing page’s entire impact depends on a well-balanced text-to-image ratio.

Optimize your CTA for conversion

Your landing page’s CTA, or call to action, is a crucial component. It gives users the ability to take action.

Consider modifying the look of your CTA button to get the most out of your landing page. It may, for example, be a different color from the landing page’s backdrop. Aim for a color contrast that fits in with the rest of the page while still standing out.

The CTA button should not be too small or it will go unnoticed. Make sure it isn’t overly huge, as this can throw customers off. Concentrate on building a button that matches the page’s layout.

Instead of using CTAs like “Buy now” or “Learn more” use CTAs that will encourage site visitors to click. Offering a free trial and promoting this through a “Try it for free today” call to action is better for your conversion rates.


Get Referrals and Testimonials from Clients

Referrals and testimonials can be an effective way of improving your landing pages conversion rates. That’s because they can act as proof of customer satisfaction and guarantee. Make sure, though, that the referrals and testimonials you put on your landing page are not generic. Reviews like “excellent product” or “great service” are not a good idea. They add no value as they don’t describe the customer’s experience of your product in detail.

Overview Landing Page Design

Design a good landing page is the most important step for your business online presence. If it’s optimized for conversions, you can increase the chances of your customers taking action. 

As business owners, the primary goal is to meet the needs of our target audience. You also need to ensure the methods you choose to optimize your landing page tie together with your brand image. 

I shared with you tips to improve those landing page conversion rates. Follow them to get the best out of your landing pages. The correct text, an engaging photo, or a trust badge can go a long way in helping you generate conversions.

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