Taco Baja Republic

Taco Baja Republic is a Latino-owned food truck that specializes in birria tacos. Recently their sales, customer engagement, and social media awareness were dropping due to high demand and a lot of new places that started adopting their birria tacos as a new featured food item. Our goal was to bring up the sales and increase their social media participation and brand awareness.

Instagram Case Study

We did a study of past performances and developed a strategy with relevant hashtags for location and audience targeting. They were using over 30 hashtags per post but seeing no results from it. A high volume of hashtags does not always equal success on your posts, sometimes less is more. We studied their past performance on posts and stories to evaluate the engagement and reach based on the day, time of the day, and quality of the post. This helped us identify the best moments to post and optimize engagement and reach for the account. This method reached over 81 thousand impressions and we reached over 30 thousand people in a month.

Every reel, story, and picture posted had a common objective, to get the clients to come to the restaurant. People nowadays are visually oriented, we need to create high-quality content that targets your audience and communicates your goal to them. Our team has been creating quality content for the restaurant since then and they have seen the results in their sales report. Their Instagram  profile is the main driver of traffic for this business so we make sure that it attracts the right audience and drives more sales through channels like DoorDash and their Website

Taco Baja Republic
Results Showed on a Monthly Report

Google my Business Management

Management of your Google Business Account is very important for the online presence of your business, especially if you are a restaurant. When clients are looking for your restaurant they are going to look for 2 things, first is your rating, and second is your accessibility(order food link, directions, call button, website). We were seeing a decrease in google searches and interactions, we reached our goal of over 27000 searches per month, and their google visibility increased by 208%.

Our team also managed to increase their google rating average from 4.0 to 4.4. Reviews are very important for businesses online, you have an 80% increase in landing clients when you have reviews for your service/product. If other people have tried it before, then the next person is more likely to try it when they see a review or recommendation online.
google results taco baja
Results Showed on a Monthly Report

Results and Overview

Working with Taco Baja Republic is a great experience, we have built a great relationship with our clients and in return, we are delivering exceptional services that are helping to the growth and prosperity of their business. All goals were accomplished in a short matter of time. Our goal as an agency is to help small local businesses to bloom and stand out among big competitors.

36 %
Sales Increase
2000 +
Organic Reach Mo
12000 +
Organic Searches Mo
Google Review

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